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Your doctor has requested that you have a Gallium Scan. Please follow these simple instructions so that we may best serve you.

  1. Report to Radiology approximately 20 minutes before your scheduled time if you have not been contacted by the Admitting Office.
  2. You will be given an appointment for a gallium injection. This will take 5 minutes.
  3. You may be asked to take a laxative (Citrate of Magnesia) at home one to two days after your injection and before scanning begins. The technologist will instruct you.
  4. The scan will take approximately one hour. After the scan is completed, the technologist will show all the images to the radiologist. The doctor may then feel it is necessary to do SPECT imaging. If you do require SPECT imaging, it takes an additional forty-five minutes to one hour for that scan.
  5. Following the examination you may resume normal activities.
  6. You may need to return for additional images at 24 and/or 48 hours.