Learn how we’re keeping you safe during COVID-19.

Your doctor has requested that you have an MRI. Please follow these simple instructions so that we may best serve you.

The MRI is a very safe procedure which utilizes a strong magnet and radiowaves to image the inside of the body.

However, the potential for injury exists if you have certain metals in your body or eyes. Therefore, to ensure your safety, it is important that you review the questions below. If you should answer yes to any of the questions, please contact us at 203-694-8405 as soon as possible so that we may determine if it is still possible for you to have an MRI exam.

  • Is there any possibility that you are pregnant?
  • Have you ever worked as a machinist, welder or metal worker?
  • Have you ever gotten metal fragments or pieces in your eyes?
  • Have you ever had a combat or shrapnel injury or any injury involving metal?
  • Have you ever had heart, brain, back or aneurysm surgery?
  • Do you have any metallic implants? This includes pacemakers, IUD’s ear implants or hearing aids.
  • Is there any possibility you may be claustrophobic or uncomfortable in confined areas?

General Information for the patient:

  • The procedure is painless and does not require any dietary or medication restrictions.
  • You will be asked to remain still for up to an hour.
  • A registered technologist will remain in communication with you at all times.
  • You must remove all loose metal from your body. This includes keys, hair clips, belts, watches, bras and jewelry. We recommend that you leave all valuables at home, however, lockers will be provided to you if needed.
  • It is recommended that you wear loose comfortable clothing without metal.
  • If you have had previous radiographic examinations done at physician’s offices or hospitals other than Midstate Medical Center, please have them sent to us or bring them with you.
  • We have a cassette player for you if you would like to bring a tape with you to listen to as you have your scan.
  • Report to Radiology approximately 20 minutes before your scheduled time if you have not been contacted by the Admitting Office.

Thank you for choosing to have your examination at Midstate Radiology Associates, LLC. We hope this has been helpful, but should you have any further questions or concerns, please feel free to call us at 203-694-8405.