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COVID Vaccines & Mammograms: What You Should Know

Studies in Clinical Imaging and Radiology have identified one temporary side effect of receiving a COVID-19 vaccine that may appear during breast imaging: Swollen lymph nodes on the same side of the body that the vaccine was administered. Swelling under the arm can result in falsely indicating the presence of breast cancer. Why Does This…

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COVID Vaccination Guidelines for Screening Mammograms

One of the side effects of the COVID vaccine can be enlargement of the lymph nodes under the arm into which the dose was injected. Over a period of time, those nodes will return to normal size and any soft tissue swelling will resolve. Enlarged nodes may be a normal response to the vaccination. Our…

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Differences Between Screening & Diagnostic Mammograms

A mammogram is an X-ray procedure of the breast, considered to be one of the most reliable methods to detect cancer in its early stages. When imaging identifies an abnormality in a female patient, she can get treatment sooner and likely have a more favorable outcome. There are two types of mammogram procedures: Screening and…

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