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Breast cancer is a very serious disease that affects 1 in 8 women. Steps we can take to reduce the risk of developing breast cancer include annual check-ups and living a healthy lifestyle. Medical screenings like mammography and MRI can help identify abnormalities with age. Breast ultrasound is a non-invasive procedure we offer at Midstate Radiology Associates. Our Advanced Women’s Imaging division makes the process relaxed and easy for women getting a breast ultrasound.

What Is a Breast Ultrasound?

A breast ultrasound uses sound waves to create detailed imagery of the internal structures. This procedure is used to accurately diagnose and treat certain medical conditions of the breast, including lumps and other abnormalities, found in a previous physical exam. It is the best method to determine if a lump is solid or filled with liquid.

Breast ultrasound, also known as sonography, uses a transducer and ultrasound gel to transmit sound waves into the body. From these waves, the sounds are collected by the transducer and produced as images on a connected computer monitor. Our radiologists can view the structure and movement of the breast in real time to make an accurate diagnosis.

Who Should Have This Procedure?

Women who are at high risk for breast cancer due to family history of the disease can benefit from breast ultrasound. The noninvasive procedure can also explore the nature of a breast abnormality discovered during a mammogram or breast MRI. Some lesions are more difficult to detect during a mammogram, especially if the images are two-dimensional instead of three-dimensional. However, it is important for these exams to complement one another, since mammograms are known to reduce cancer deaths through early detection. Women with dense breasts – not enough fatty tissue – can also benefit from an ultrasound.

What You Can Expect

This screening procedure does not expose the patient to radiation. There are no special preparation guidelines, rather than wearing loose and comfortable-fitting clothing.

On exam day, patients are asked to lie face-up on an examination table with arms raised. The ultrasound gel is applied to the breast and the transducer is moved over the area while images are captured. The procedure is virtually painless and is a safe preventative measure.
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