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Midstate Radiology Associates has been a leader in diagnostic and therapeutic imaging for over 60 years. Across 12 Connecticut locations, we perform over 70,000 mammograms per year. The lead technologist at Vernon Imaging, Nancy Norton, shares her experience with the new 3D mammography technology from GE Healthcare, available at all our imaging centers.

GE Healthcare Pristina™ Mammography

Many women have concerns about how painful the compression of a mammogram may be. When Nancy became a technologist 8 years ago, her greatest concern was whether or not she could make the patients comfortable enough to relax. Relaxation is an important component of getting an accurate mammogram exam.

My first reaction to the equipment was that GE had really listened to the technologists and the patient.

For women who may be nervous about their annual mammogram, the GE Healthcare Pristina™ is patient-friendly and easier to operate than traditional machines. It’s advanced features, such as the rounded edges of the detector, help the patient endure more compression without pain. This allows us get better images for our technologists to diagnose properly.

Mammography at Midstate Radiology Associates

The atmosphere in which a mammogram is performed does have an effect on patient comfort. During a women’s imaging exam, we might be playing music or have visual sensations to help patients feel more at ease.

We want them to be able to feel comfortable enough to come back year after year because that saves lives.

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