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Your doctor has ordered a CCK Hida Scan to assess gallbladder anatomy and function. Please follow these simple instructions so that we may best serve you.

  1. You must fast for four hours prior to your exam. You may take your medications with a sip of water.
  2. Report to Radiology approximately 20 minutes before your scheduled time if you have not been contacted by the Admitting Office.
  3. A small needle will be inserted in your arm and you will have an injection of a radioisotope.
  4. You will be asked to lie still during the images. The time for this first scan is 60 minutes.
  5. An injection of CCK (Cholecystokinin) administered by a radiologist or a nurse will be given over 3 minutes. Images will be taken for 25 additional minutes.
  6. Following the examination you may resume normal activities.


CCK (Cholecystokinin) is a medication given to contract the gallbladder to assess gallbladder function. During the injection you may experience abdominal cramping or pain and nausea, however this will pass quickly. (It may be the same discomfort that brought you to the doctor originally).